​Angus/Wagyu Ready June 2017
Taking orders Augus/Wagyu steer that is ready for harvest this June 2017. Please call or email if you would like to purchase a share (part: 1/4, 1/2 etc.) or a whole. We will send you the custom cut sheets and answer your questions.
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Ellis Farm​​

Our Goal: Always be "A CUT ABOVE" for our customers
No antibotics, hormones, or steroids. Just grass fed, grass finished.
All animals are humanely treated and humanely processed. 
Master Sheep and Goat Meat Producer.
Certificate # 05-03313-2017-18218 
Cattle and Sheep Info
Taste Test Results
Cattle Ranchers in the panhandle of Florida conducted a taste test between 4 breeds of cattle; South Poll, Devon, Angus/Wagyu and Black Angus. The test consisted of nine categories being scored such as juiciness, flavor, tenderness etc. There were approximately 60 to 80 taste testers; friends, family, and some personnel from the University of Florida that specialize in beef. The South Poll scored highest at 537, Devon 535, Angus/Wagyu 503, and black Angus 438. We conducted our own taste test and we can confirm that South Poll scored highest in all of our tests. What can we take from these test? South Poll beef is an excellent choice across the board. Also, we can see that Wagyu improved the Angus score by 65 points as indicated above. Wagyu has several grades above USDA "Prime" therfore, we are going to cross South Poll cows with a Wagyu bull to see what grade of beef can be achieved. We are a small farm and we sell out of both beef and lambs every year. Please accept our apology should we be sold out. We are expanding our farm to better serve out family of customers. 
Our "Listings" page shows our available breeding stock for sale and the beef and lamb meat choices.
About How Much Beef Can I Expect In My Freezer?
Our Beef Sampler Paks are 30 pound boxes of a mixed beef consisting of steaks, roasts, ribs, stew meat and hamburger. The Beef Sampler Pak is $345 for 30 pounds ($11.50/lb) of gourmet grass fed beef. The best deal is to buy a quarter side, a half side or a whole steer. Here is why: A whole steer is $5.25/lb, half side is $5.70/lb and a quarter side is $5.90/lb hanging weight plus processing charges. Processing charge for using our State inspected processor is lower that a USDA processor by about 20 cents a pound. Here is the cost breakdoan for beef using our State inspected processor (we use him to cut the beef we eat) and this is our all inclusive price (out the door) prices: Normal hanging weight for a 1000# steer is 540#. Depending how close you trim your cuts and what parts you choose to keep will yield about 300# to 400# of beef for the freezer. 
One Quarter share - of hanging weight is about 135# of beef at $5.90 is $708.75 + processing charge of $100.25 = $809.00.
One Half share - is about 270# of beef at $5.70/lb. = $1539.50 + processing charge of $200.50 = $1739.50.
Whole Share - is about 540# at $5.25/lb= $2835+processing charge of $401 = $3236.00
Our prices are low enough that some folks start their own value added home delivery service at retail prices. This home delivery service does require a USDA processor to be used. For more information on starting up a value added home delivery service let us know and we will send you helpful information on how to provide healthy food to your customers while adding convienences that will make their lives a little simplier and more enjoyable. Home delivery is a Win-Win-Win for us all.